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Pro tip: Before opening the bags, break up the ice to get the best pour. You can either break the ice up by throwing the unopened bag on the ground, or use an ice mallet.

We have refrigerated trailers in a variety of sizes. We have 12-foot refrigerated trailers to 24-foot refrigerated trucks.

Yes – they can.

The Trailers can hold 2-3  pallets.

The Trucks can Hold 8-10 pallets.

Generators are available for locations where 110v 20a circuits are not available. 25′, 50′, & 100′ power cords are available. 

Let us know what power concerns you may have and we can address with our team of specialists. 

We are willing to work with you within the limits of the refrigeration and whether or not you're renting power or using on-board power.

Obviously, we are very concerned about our trailers being stolen so they are rendered un-towable once in place. Keys will be provided for the back door and all of our units are GPS tracked and cold temperature monitored.

The minimum is 1 day but after that as long as you want. We offer better rates for longer rentals.

Trailers can be delivered almost anytime. However, deliveries outside of normal business hours may incur additional delivery fees.

No. Because of insurance regulations, we pick up and deliver all trailers.

We service the state of Alabama and surrounding states. However, if you require ice services or temporary or mobile cold storage solutions outside of our normal service area, please contact us.

Event Ice is accredited by the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA), meaning that our packaged ice is safe and pure.

Event Ice is also a member of E-Ice, allowing IPIA to know the local inventory we carry at any given time.


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